Infographic Design

In an increasingly competitive, time-poor and complicated marketplace having the ability to take complex information and make it simple is an important skill to acquire. Nobody has the time to trawl through loads of text to obtain the information they need and if there is an opportunity to cut to the chase then most people will take it.

Attract your target market with engaging visuals

This is where infographics could really help your organisation. Infographics make the complex simple through visual storytelling that is memorable and easy to understand; this is why they have become so popular.  We create infographics that will streamline any message, giving you great visual appeal and more interest in the services you provide.

people remember 80% of what they read, compared to 20% of what they read - illustration of marketer

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Data Visualisation – Making complex information accessible

Organisations all over the world are creating infographics to present their complex information and data to their customers.  It is a visually engaging method that ables your audience to consume your message quickly, which works perfect for the fast paced world we live in.  Infographics works well for driving traffic to your website.  More traffic means more business.

illustration of cars driving towards website showing how infographics can drive traffic to your website

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Infographics  Packages

Static infographics

Static infographics are the most common type of infographic as they are made up of images. They are used across branding both in print and online.  Some uses of static infographics are within brochures, company reports and on social media and websites.  Prices from £349 plus all revisions

Data Visualisation

Data visualiation is the process of communicating a range of statistics in an easily digestible format. Often used by companies for presenting complex information whether this be in the form of monthly overviews, company information brochures or yearly progress reports.  Prices from £349 plus all revisions

Interactive Infographics

Interactive infographics use coding to make them interactive for visitors.  This allows for more engagement with the viewer, for a more captivating experience.  Carefully planned interactive infographics allow users to interact differently with the data.  Prices from £949 plus all revisions