In its simplest terms, corporate branding is about creating awareness about your company, products and services.  It is the combination of all your communication at every brand touch point that enables customers to inform an opinion about your company.

If you are launching a new company or product, or in the process of corporate rebranding then you need to work with a design agency that understands how to keep things simple, that will help you to refocus and that will work with you to create your brand story.

 Refocus Design is a corporate communications agency that knows how to do branding. Whether you’re looking for a new logo to create the perfect visual and emotional impact or you are looking to change your business name and overall branding, we can guide you through the appropriate questions you need to ask about your organisation and help you discover what makes you distinctive and unique in your field.

With design and marketing expertise, combined with extensive research, we will listen to your guidance on your target market, how your brand needs to be positioned and what your overall business strategy is trying to achieve.  We then research your target market, formulate an understanding of your audience and identify what makes them tick so that we can align your branding design, identity and message directly to them.

Branding objectives

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Search Engine Optimisation put in its simplest form, is getting your website to rank in a search engine for set key words that define what your business is.

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Pay Per Click, Paid Search or PPC as it is also known is the management of paid adverts in the search results. The cost of adverts varies between key terms & level of competition.

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A robust form of marketing that manages a brands image & uses social media metrics to build customers into the sales funnel, build brand awareness and loyalty.

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UX or User Experience relies on rigorous analysis and insight to constantly improve an end users experience of a brands company, services and its products.

Understanding your customers and how you connect with them plays a key part in how we shape the look, feel and voice of your brand. Whether you need help with brand creation, brand marketing or brand transformation then Refocus is here to support you every step of the way.

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